Saturday, September 17, 2011


ARGH looks like another long drought of MIA from blogging.

CANNOT CANNOT. tat's no way to treat a blog i've kept alive for so many years.

Therefore, a quick update:

work has been pretty good.

Just completed the graphics for Field Trip USA: Year 2 on 8TV and we were invited to the press conference at Pavilion few days ago.

Entrance gate. like stepping into my old workplace liddat.

glam cast of the show.

Watching these younglings at the Press Conference really reminded me of how i was when i was (urgh. here it comes..) their age.
u know.. noob dude attending events like this with a bunch of friends you just came to acquaint with.
Laughing extra loud at random bits of inside jokes when ur friends' get coverage on the show.
Basking in butterflies while enjoying your time in the spotlight when asked to go on stage to share ur experience.

the little little things like that.

our artwork on the small screen

so damn #PROUD

these projects really make me feel like our newly established company could actually be going places. i stress on the "COULD".

The uncertainty of work every month still freaks me to the bone but i really stand firm that i made the right decision in life by leaving the dictatorship of a multimilliondolar company.

Fingers crossed for an awesomer month.


asma HazeLnut said...

ohh..its u again..goshh..send my regards to qi razali will u?? (*_*)

Jaemy.C said...

wat u mean its me again? u bored of me ah hazel? u getting zzzz cuz of me? noOOooOo!...... :(

asma HazeLnut said...

yalahh..when it comes to jalan2 punya rancangan, and involving mister-oh-my-ggrrr, then u also are around...


Jaemy.C said...

u tak suke ke my grrrrs?

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