Saturday, April 09, 2011


Is it a mental disorder if u wake up in the morning and u are immediately hit by a feeling of anxiousness and stress on a supposed carefree Saturday?

because at this point, i really think that i have issues. SERIOUS issues.

woke up at 11am. Later than my usual wakeuptime by 2 hours. (due to a late LATE night of pent-up karaoke-ing and screamfest-ing ) started analyising things that i had wanted to do throughout the week but had absolutely NO time to execute.

and thats when it started.

The to-do's just kept hitting like a blizzardry apocalyptic meteor shower.

Cleaning la. Gyming la. Blogging la. Napping la.
These things may sound simple enough but they ALL take hours to complete. Hours which ultimately need to be planned out explicitly.

Haiyoh the technicalities and calculations i had to do to plan the order of these things. Headache also.

OK since i have woken up 3 hours late. I need to grab something to eat before gymming. Cant train if the bottomless abyss aka my tummy is empty. And I cant gym in a full stomach as well, and technically 11am is already lunch time, so, lunch 1st. Then wait 2 hours. Then gym. In these 2 hours, I can squeeze in sometime to clean my livingroom which is still bertaburan-ed with my weeklong paint marathon residue. But if I head off to the gym I HAVE to be back by 530 cuz at 630 i need to headout to give loudsomefunsomecheers to a friend’s birthday dinner. Which only gives me about an hour or so to squeeze in a blog session here and there before the dinner. And at this point, a nap would look highly impossible unless I give up gymming. Or unless I do it at night. But a night nap wouldn’t be considered a nap anymore, that’s called sleep. Deep open-your-eyes-after-and-it’s-Sunday-already sleep.

Oh and I need to gym tmrw as well cuz my body cant really take extreme cardio and weights back-to-back. So today it would be weights. And tmrw would be cardio. I think I’m gonna die at the Energizer Night Run if I dun push my body to train like a steroid-infused hamster on a running wheel soon!

U know wat.

Screw it.

I’m taking my nap.


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