Monday, April 11, 2011


i recently completed a project (well. only 50% if u count editing) that really took alot out of me physically.

it was a shoot for May's Newbies and i had come to the painful yet exploratory decision to hand-draw the entire prop list for the set.

yes foolish i know.
But the pent up illustrator in me (not the ADOBE kind) was just kicking and clawing so hard i had to oblige.

Inside i was just thinking "Aiyah once in awhile do something like this wont kill me la."

So i went through with it.

Spent 3 whole days just squatting and painting on the nice freezing rainbow concrete floor till 3 or 4am.

Had feet, thigh and back aches after.

But honestly, it was all worth it.

pretty no?

FlyFm DJ/Quickie Host, Zher, was especially nice and
it was very flattering to have her grace this set.
Working with her was such a breezy joy.
A male talent simply would not have worked for this concept.

Now i can sleep.

Next up, post production hell.


asma HazeLnut said... la u...cant wait for promo's.. =)

Jaemy.C said...

THANK U HAZELNUT!!!!!! hahaha now i just takut the promo i cant make it look good! risau la....

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