Sunday, December 12, 2010


Last year I was running on empty fuel from post-Euro splurge, so naturally, the Christmas rush was way out of my financial league to enjoy in all its glory.

The good thing is, by the end of last year i managed to snag myself 2 awesomely cheap post-xmas deals on 6feet xmas trees from IKEA and been keepin 'em thrown tucked neatly in the storeroom.

Until now.

check out the xmas forest growing in our living quarters.

just wait till we light it up.

We're sprouting xmas tress all over the rainbow.

Take a whiff of that artificial pine.
oh yeah.
u know u love it.

i know that Christmas isnt about gifts and shopping and pretty decos...
but who am i kidding?

It's sealed in my ignorant head that Christmas without a tree and lights and gifts, is not christmas at all.

i need my dose of visual stimuli to keep my festive spirits up.
if not i'd just hermit myself in my lil depressing corner and hurl anti-commercialism remarks at all the SALE SALE SALE signs and throw rotten eggs at Santa wannabe impostors.

on that note... i think Christmas would never be Christmas without the abundanceness of year-end workshit datelines, rushed projects and cursed ideas.

Some so treacherous and unforgiving that one is forced to surrender one's dignity to cater to the success of an ideas.

Project produced by the vastly larger than life MizzKoh.
Written, Directed, Edited and Animated by yourstruly.

(isnt the intern just smokin'?)

Happy Decking the Halls.

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yenc said...

i got no where to press "LIKE"
HAHAHA how could u mixed up all those gifts ah mi~

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