Thursday, November 04, 2010



so I've been swiping that wretched card at any god-given opportunity dangled in my face so far and am feeling the scorching aftermath of some very splurgetastic items.

OK la so maybe a veteran shopawhorelic would glance at me and pffft my amateur buying power off but still.... i never spend so much money on a pair of shoes and a shirt hokay?! (and much more things on my to-splurge list)

i'm running low on the fuel of life.

I think i've reached a point in time where i feel that appearance and 1st impression is most definitely close to essential la. As impossible as it sounds, i shall dedicate the next few months to investing in this shallow cause and bulldoze my way into extravagant outlets and shiny boutiques i would, on a normal basis, never browse / whiff / set foot in. How absurdly cool of a challenge is that? (talk like i'm some commited 讲到做到 sorta fella right?)

Workwise it's been helping me alot to go out and actually meet people instead of the constant hi-bye acquaintances i've been caging myself in for the past 3 years or so.

New outlook on life i guess.

Rest assured at the end of the day i will still retreat to my sanctum sanctuary of solitude and dust-filled shelves when the sun goes down and the curtains are drawn. But really, i will don a mask and my flash fixture of pearly whites when dawn cometh.

OK, am off to scavenge through the Pelangi dump sites and garbage cans in search of extra pennies for side income now.

Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

Wish me luck.

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