Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Stopped by the trusty Seremban fish shop (next to Curry Leaf) and got myself a hefty sum of feeder fish for Stoney and Rasco last Sunday.

It's been eons since they had their fair share of savagery.
This is my Halloween present to them.

Look at the abundance of life just waiting to be picked off one by one!
(or 5 by 5. if u go by Stoney and Rasco's consumption rate)

Life is good.

This is AhSoon's Bday gathering gangsters the week before Halloween.

insert me in appropriate empty spot.

Plus pics of straws in nostrils of friends.

Hailat Howa

Tsk tsk Tina

Booyah Bunneigh

Hansem Hamster.

i am so damn
Woooh. Liao.

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