Thursday, October 21, 2010


Uncle David came over and threw me a random conversation the other day.

"eh. October Newbies 是你做的吗?"



" har........ "

i felt the jab.
It was icicle cold and unbeataround-the-bush-ish.
Very inyerface.

And so. so. true.


Rushed projects suck.
I suck.
I wish i was like uncle David with such amazing animation skills that work so effortlessly with the swift lift of his right index finger and the shortcut keys of his lightning speed left hand.

i like his hands.

Anyhoots, here's the masterpiece.

i used to dig this song until the gym kept playing it on loop the other day.
Now i associate actions like drenching in sweat, gasping for air
and cursing my whimpering weak body, to this song.


what a way to run a perfectly good song to the ground.

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