Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So for the past several weeks, the humble spectrum of Pelangi was thoroughly and evidently ransacked, rumbled and rectified to suit the Europeanal (catch the pun) needs of 3 Frenchies. 2 of whom I had met on THIS trip 2 years ago and then again on THIS trip a year ago.

So being the giving obliging kindhearted person I was, it was my time to don the tour-guide cape and fulfill my superhuman duties of the know-it-all local sight seeing extraordinaire. I is SuperGuide - Saving the French from confusion and catastrophe. One trip at a time.

Basically, this group of blonde haired bimbs (and bimbette (yes a male bimbo is a bimbette. not a himbo. because I SAY so.) were drifting in and out of my life like the hangat hangatness of a tahi ayam. One moment they were there occupying the throne sofas of the apartment with their turtle bags and overdue laundry. And the next, they vanish with nothing but a brief note left on the room door announcing their departure.

I had the bloody shock of my life towards the end of the note.
The PC really was not working that day.
Had to carry to workshop again and flush down RM180 on a new power supply.

But of course, that's how life is with backpacking drifters.
Forever nomads.
Never settling.

So anyway.
Photos speak a thousand paragraphs.

This was when I made my way to KLIA to welcome them with asian arms wide open.

And this was the VIP treatment showered upon their angmo faces upon arrival into Pelangi.

Sorry no flowery tropical rainbow neck garland.

Introduced them to the rainbow family of weirdos, freakos and fish.

Practiced leniency towards my things and the hands that lay on them.

Engaged in painfully intense ice-breakers as warm up.

Gave them their privacy to do whatever it is that they wanna do with/on each other when needed. (However traumatizing it was to my human eyes.)

Embraced their day to day rituals with a non-judgmental peace of mind.

Made sure they were dressed appropriately when outdoors.

Temaned them climb cave.

followed them into the deepest darkest abyss of the Aquaria tunnel of awesome fishness.

Hiked up KL Tower with them.

Became their photographer when posing with prominently tall buildings.

Let them have their way with me when verbal communication grew weary and yawnsome.

Executed the ultimate Msian deed of overwhelming their tastebuds with over-oily over-fattening local munchables.

OK so not all that were consumed were authentically local.
BUT hey. wat angmo wants angmo gets.

(Apparently Sushi costs a private island and jet over there in their homeland and its dirt cheap here. So every turn of a Jap restaurant we passed, you could literally see the sparkle in their eyes when checking out the prices.)

Showed them the results of what raw Malaysian stupidity means.

Experienced temporary power failure and spent the day in darkness.
All because responsible me forgot to pay the bills.
I know.
True Malaysian spirit indeed.
would be proud.

Tragedy also befell upon the setting of the sun of the 2nd day of the French invasion.

Came home to a frantic Danny mopping the floor in a state of shock and trauma.
Apparently the Aquarealm had been squirting water out the whole day and no one was home to stop the excessive flow of water from flooding the floor. Mattresses were the drenched victims and we were 2ndary casualties.

Ended up digging out dustfilled comforters and blowdrying mattresses for sleep.

I think the french actually found the situation amusing.

OK lets see....


more sushi @ giza




feed legs to fish @ fishspa




walkaround pelangi. oldtown.

Nope can't think of anything else worth mentioning and lamenting about.
We waved salute bon voyage to ze french on a 6am Sunday and gave them our xoxo and <3.

May fate return them to somewhere over the rainbow.

(Sigh of relief.)

prezzie from the frencheeze.
haha. geddit? hehe.

Ha. Ha. Heh.

Thankyou Adel / Helmi for spending time with us and being our pretty petite driver.
Thankyou Danny for babysitting the french during my absence / MIA times.
Thankyou Bunneigh for being so warmly welcoming to outsiders.

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