Saturday, October 02, 2010


hell hath no fury like the month of september.

been crazy shitty rushing for datelines the past few weeks and was constantly self chanting and bosanova-listening to calm the impending stressplosion within. (geddit? stress + explosion. geddit?) u know, the mantra of how reminding one's self of counting one's blessings and be thankful for the little little things in one's life. Must. Chant. Must. Smile. Must. Breathe.

I now understand the full extend of how ironic things can be sometimes.
One moment you're running through ur breeze of downloads planning what to watch and when. and the next you're face down on ur office desk at 2am cursing the mudpile of psd and mpegs u need to send out to whomever for whatever.

A month ago TheOneAcademy (helloooo figures) approached us and asked if we wanted to be guest speakers for their 360 Starlites week. Naturally, we were hesitant. i just didnt feel comfortable (or worthy) speaking to students about work that i am usually not satisfied with myself. It's weird. But being the responsible gile glamour ppl we were, we eventually agreed.

that was a month ago.

Fast forward to present day and voila - no surprise that work-swamp and proactive-procrastination hath' prevented us from touching on any sort of preparation for it. (typical). therefore. we panic and plonk together a cincai load of work and slap on our smiliest smiles to young fresh curious meat in the TOA auditorium.

amateur celebrities.

Students were an enjoyable crowd.
Managed to layan most of our syoksendiriness.

OK so that's that.

Back to work i go.

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