Saturday, April 17, 2010


Creepy crawlies may give some people the heebie jeebies.
But my lovedovey interest and extra enthu excitement towards these lil babies are forevermore.

Recently discovered some really really bizarre documentary clips i've been watching over and over and over again at home and at work via youtube.
Can't help it. I'm too enthralled and engulfed in it's wonder to stop.
Lamented and recited these fascinatingly fun facts to at least 3 different groups of people yesterday.
Yes you should be worried about me.
This is not normal nor is it healthy.

MAN. Are these clips not the most crazily jaw-dropping awe-gawking cringe-inducing mind-bogglingly awesome footages your humanly eyes have ever set sight on?


i'm so turned on now.


Nicholas C said...

Dude... what the fuck?!

Jaemy.C said...

i know. epic stuff right?

chenneo said...

EW. your spawn!

Jaemy.C said...

cute gile kan? i know ur 'EW' is actually an 'AW'.

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