Sunday, April 11, 2010


So a mountainous tundra of things have been happening since my strangely sudden promotion @ 8tv.

I have been shoved into a chaotically manufactured queue of meetings and more meetings on a back 2 back basis comprising of brainstorms, briefings, discussions and brainstorms where we slap on smiles and fool around in an attempt to look like we like each other professionally enough to get our respective works done nicely for bosses to notice how low of a financial shitpay we're getting and give us more money.

I actually go home with throbbing headaches now.

Oh well.
Nothing unexpected.

Ponies still prance and butterflies still flutter through my days when a good concept works and when you can see people appreciate the ideas during meetings. I had a small nibble of that this week so at least i know i'm liking it so far.

Therefore with great powah comes great responsibility.
And with great responsibility comes great seats to match your big awesome pile of awesomeness crap you've been accumulating throughout the year and a half you spent curled up in your old seat.

New seat. Old junk.

And what better way to embrace the new challenges in life than to jump straight into some serious refurbishing, renovation and redecoration on your new corner to announce to the world your presence.

I think the curtain matches my eye colour and socks.

(Unfortunately i was given stern warnings to have it removed after management caught whiff of its illegal construction. Said reason (other than the fact tat it was illegal) was that curtain was becoming the apple of eye sore for the very pretty CSD room and was obstructing sales from potential clients upon entry into room due to its cheaper than cheap looking materials. Therefore tarnishing the squeekier than squeeky clean image of the very professional CSD fishes humans.)

(I was forced to comply.)


Ammar said...

is it ur department sama level ngan alt media punya office? been there 3times...noticed some csd department but not sure which station...

Jaemy.C said...

its the same floor. erm.. our 8tv punye csd is a different orange coloured room though... not combined with the main csd seating area..

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