Monday, February 22, 2010


I feel like shit.
emo facedown in the dumps shit.
its 10.18pm and i was expecting it to be 12. time is moving too damn slow.
valid reason available but full disclosure will result in u falling asleep. facedown. on the keyboard. from excruciatingly cliche grandfather story.

will spare you the agony.

Been watching some movies.
Some were kickass. Some were just ass.
Here they are:


Cameron Diaz in southern accent.
Halfburntface man.
Psychological thrill ride.
whats not to like right?

unfortunately i didnt really get alot of scenes in the movie.

i THINK i understood the overall story (after a thorough recap and analytical explanation from the movie critic brother with my head slanted sideways nodding robotically every 5 sentences. ) but i have to say it's a lil too far fetched for me.

then again i never understood DonnieDarko (since its the same director) as well.


the Goodstuff:
Kick ass choreography.
Cool villain. Over the top cheesy but hey its cny and JayChou has white hair here so.

the Badstuff:
dun get the whole 2nd part of the film where they decide to focus on the drunk fighting @ the arena. I know the movie is supposedly about the drunken fighting and all but........ i dunno. it was weird. they should have ended the movie after bad dude gets beaten up.

3/5 - for the awesome fights


good production.
awesome special fx.
bad storytelling.


PHOBIA (4 Prang)

gave me enough chills to give this a thumbs up.
4 stories. Unfortch, i didnt like the 2nd story - poor special fx ruined it for me.


PHOBIA 2 (5 Prang)

5 stories. i hated the last story.
But enough freakyness for me to cover face when watching.
PHOBIA 1 was better.



Too much abstract shindigs going on in limboland for this one la.
one moment i was anticipating the killer to be caught. and then he doesnt. and everyone seems to be ok with it. and deadgirl seems to be smiling about it. and then somehow she possesses ppl and makes out with the boy who seems to be happy about it...

i scratch head.
was Peter Jackson trying to establish this as an art film or something?

other than that haunting scene of deadgirl turning back to look at sixthsense girl in slowmo as she runs, mr murderer Stanley Tucci is the saving grace of this movie.
really like the way the camera angles capture his character's sinister side.
i like wat happens to his character at the end.
i think that was probably the best scene in the whole movie.
oh and movie's special fx were cool too.



i didnt get this one. haha. sorry.
simple brain too ignorant to art films.
this WAS an art film. right? i mean. With all the emo music in the bg, scenery shots, edit styles and a poster like THAT. (not tat its a bad thing la. i kinda like like poster actually)

i just found myself going "har?" after each story "ended".
Open inverted comma-ed "ended" because i wasnt sure if it was the end of the story or if there was gonna be some climatic end that tied everyone together or something that somehow justified all the meaningless conversations...

scratch head.



more CNY photos from the family.

seremban home

PJ relative 1

PJ relative 2

PJ relative 3

i am dead happy that this fri is a holiday.
the weather is so hot i wake up in sweat now.

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