Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PANIC ATTACK No.487789312349

Another brief cold-sweat /heart-stop moment last night when the lifepartner/roomie aka pc decided to pull a short circuit by flushing itself into the literal darkside i have been afraid of since it started showing blackout symptoms afew months ago.

Was porning surfing when sudden uninvited shutdown jolted me into immediate state of panic. i was literally pulling hair yanking eyes and clawing face followed by fist up in the air cursing the name of my AMD at 2am when it happened.

flicked on / off for the twelve dozenth time before throwing hands up and waving the white flag for the night. forced my agitated state to embrace the 5 hour hibernation before trying another dozen the next day.

Yanked open cpu. Pulled afew wires out of wires of random wires and rebooted again for the last time before trying out detaching the dvd writer from contact. figured it was worth a shot since it used to work on the ex-flame (also AMD).


Miracle worker i am.

Windows commenced.
Sigh of relief breathed.
Life is worth living again.

OH. and btw.

Happy Wrinkly 25
th, Swen.

i work with this one.

OldManing, Dannyzeus.

i live with this one.

special special people indeed.

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