Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's been a cold shivery few days.
It' s mornings where i open my eyes and actually THANK god tat it feels all breezy and chilly and i dun mind slipping my toes deeper into my blanket foldings a while longer just to savour the tingle of the morning sunlessness.

Can't say i'm hating it one bit.

feels like Genting minus the crowd and loud noises and super ex everythings.

i mean... I can actually survive being enclosed in my room with the fan spinning at a modest volume of No.2. ( in which case on an un-modest 5 would be the usual default setting)


give me a super pat on my back because my dear sirs and senoritas,
i have just completed my 2nd book of the month.

Yes siree.
2 books.
1 month.
Totally proud of myself.

it's a personal record really.

Read this one about 2 weeks ago.
And now this.
Such a huge achievement in my life.

Good book.
I enjoyed the non-draggyness of the story pace.
So much nicer than American Gods (which took me 4 bladi months to finish)

Random declaration:

As an avid Threadless buyer / splurger, i have come to realize tat Threadless Tees shrink after wash. Shrink. like. ALOT.
So for my recent buys, i purchased em in a size larger (L) and immediately sent em to the harshful depths of the dobi downstairs and told the nice Kakak to show no mercy with this bunch.

Few days later i collected em back.
and lo and behold my theories were fruitful and bingo-fiedly right on.
My tees have shrunk to precisely the right size.
so now i dun need to worry about it shrinking too much the next few times i send it for laundry.

I am so damn smart.

See kids, reading does tat to your brains. makes you smart. like me.
Also makes Zombies wanna sink their maggot-infested mouths into ur head more.

Here is the visual comparison of BEFORE and AFTER:

(top) Black tee: post-laundryfied tee size L
(bottom) White tee: pre-laundryfied tee size L.

Shrinkness acknowledged.
Oversized L to a perfect fit M now.


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