Sunday, January 16, 2011



i think i deserve a nice pressure-pointed pat on my lazyass back because i have just read (in a non-skipping-non-browsing-through manner) my 1st book of 2011!

...and i completed this miraculous deed in just 2 bloody days.
Yup. 247 pages in 48 hours. (its a big deal to me hokeh? pls give me face abit)

Oh alert the caretakers, and address the caterers.
Ring the church bells and sound the trumpets of celebration.
For tis marketh the dawn of days that maketh dreams.

Dreams made out of situations where i dun slip off into slumberville after just 3 sentences.
Dreams made out of times where im not so distracted by msn or torrents or work or sex and everything else BUT the book i have in front of me in my hands.
Dreams where i am actually able to focus on the story unfolding in my grasp.

But the irony is..
it was a friggin depressing book.
A true story that made me sigh and frown and wince in cringeworthy spasms as i was flipping through the pages seated on my plastic cheapo room chair.

I Seludup-ed the book from under the nose of the notoriously nonchalant Swen
and she didnt even notice until i started tweeting about it.


It's no bestseller or whitbread winner.
But it's nice enuf for an engaging read.

i couldnt put it down once i started.

It's filled with pedophilic attacks by a monstrously devious Grandfather who couldn't restrain his sadistic fetishes on his own flesh and blood.
I was in agony imagining this 9 year old girl getting constantly raped and tortured by her grandad. Poor lil thing. Her survival story is truly an inspiration. Nah THIS IS THE BOOK.


So now the big question is...
is THIS the kind of books i can actually read now without falling asleep??.......



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