Thursday, September 23, 2010


When tragedy strikes....

Do what your instincts tell u...

Snap Pictures.

The housemates return home and we are immediately greeted by the sight of fallen plant on floor.
Dirt scattered. Leaves ripped. Stems broken.
Everyone gasps and haiyoh's and OMG's.
and then instead of reaching for the spades to rescue poor pokai-ed plant, everyone instantly whips out canggified poket cameras and plays paparazzo to the horror scene in front of us.


Poor plant will be scarred for life thanks to our merciless doings.
She'll never want to stand on a window ledge ever again.
Or show anyone her full bloom of boomz.
Or endure any sort of picture-taking.

i dun think photosynthesis is gonna cover up this wound anytime soon.
We have damaged her beyond stem cell regeneration.

Where is the love ppl?
Where is the love?

is this what mother nature deserves?

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