Monday, June 07, 2010


Post holiday depression at full swing today.
I slipped in as seeminglessly silent as i could and left as swiftly and soundless as my stomplet soles could sway me.


i wanted to jump off the window by lunch time.
If i had a window near my desk i mean.

Bosses had nicely cramped in 2 more new "workmates" in the already cramped up windowless place i spend my 9 - 9 in.
If claustrophobia pushes me over the edge i'm telling you i'm gonna bloody parang the whole office.
No survivors man.
and i'll flash my standard pearly white pose while at it.
I bet you'd like tat wudntcha?

Dun be surprised if i strut in the office armed with AK-47 infused with atomic flameable grenades built with shards of my bitten nail bits this week.

Dun be all wussy and wide-eyed when i deploy mutated Gar zombies upon all your roboticly fake worksmiles and pretentious voice tones.

Dun act all rational and anxious when the clawing of ur skin and the gnawing of ur nipples get too unbearable for your thick SK2-ed skins to handle. Your screams are merely nags of nothings to my numb ear.

Dun be all concerned and caring when my farts and armpits are jammed against that thing u call a face.

Heard it all befo' yo. Heard it all befo.

Bloodbath on pending.
Ammo on recharge.
Lock and load on demand.

AH. i feel better.

Decided to myspace MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS cuz i was reading JUICE the other day and there was a featured article on her. One of those 2 paragraph articles. Nothing major. Was quite a miracle that my eye actually caught it.

and wow looks like i have another artist to lookout for.
She's pretty good. Catchy stuff. Quirky nice vids to add to it too.

Click. See. Hear.

Leotards are so yesterday.
Foldable origami limbs are the new Single Ladies.

i blast her in my earphones when ppl come into office now.
so i dun need to look at their faces.

Thank you Marina.
This diamond appreciates it.


Katherine said...

LOL. My skin is not SK2-ed. And You dun see my face anyway.....

Jaemy.C said...

tru tru. so ur safe from my GarZombies.

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