Saturday, January 16, 2010


Happy belated bday TinaMinaTunaTunnelMcDonald.

We loves her 1 year old newly dubbed name and think that she should register it permanently into her IC and parade it around if opportunity would knock in the form of credit card sign-ups, passports applications or pretty much any damn thing tat requires her to recite that crazycool name of hers.

@ Garden, the Curve.

I've been on a movie download hiatus lately.
Mainly because the people at seriesland decided to pull a Kit-Kat and temporarily cut me off from filling my torrent list with fresh materials.

Oh how lonesome nights are now.

Therefore movies are my rebound on download.

I dare say that Zombieland has one of the best opening sequences of last year.
I like how the names shatter and burn on slowmo to match the footages in the background.
Simple story. Enjoyable movie. Likeable cast.


Land of the Lost
LOL moments were only a handful.
I think i managed through the movie because i had guitar in hand and msn on as it played. Give it a pass if you have no time to spare for impactless movies. Nothing much to see accept that Pushing Daisies girl in Brit accent, the T-rex and a bloody big blood sucking bug.


The Blind Side
Took me awhile to warm up to Sandra Bullock's southern accent but after that it was smooth sailin'. Really enjoyed this movie. I had no friggin idea what they were ranting about when it came to explanations about American football and shit but i guess that wasn't really the core of the movie. Go watch it. Very touching. Touched me in all the right places. *wink* Hope it wins something in the Golden Globes.


Precious: Based on a Novel Push by Sapphire
Downloaded this after reading this and then got more curious after realizing MissDrunkonstage had a small role in it. Not a bad movie. Doesn't make u wanna slit your wrist or down a whole barrel of alcohol despite the issues tackled in the show, mainly cause the director made it somewhat light-hearted everytime our main character phased out of reality when facing abuse. Oh and Mariah can actually act. Gasp.


Whip It
Oh i really really liked this one.
1st - interesting sport. Never heard of this before my entire life. yes. i am a katak di bawah tempurung and that's why it was an eye-opener to see women slamming each other to the ground on roller skates.
2nd - Juno girl.
3rd - Drew Barrymore.
4th - Kristen Wiig
5th - Juno girl.


Sherlock Holmes

I found this one a tad boring. Sorry.
Also because I've always pictured Sherlock to be a thinker and not a fighter.
Cannot tahan.
The best part of the movie was the ending credits with the canggih splatter / illustration effects. i'm gonna do something like that in the near unknown future. soon. maybe.


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