Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So after contemplating a DSLR for the longest time, i finally pulled my balls (and limbs and any other part of the body worth anything) together, surveyed the shops in 1U (cuz its near and i dun need to stress about cab fairs and distance and more stress) and gutted out my 4.3k on the CANON EOS 60D. (original price 4.1k + free 16G SD card + 18-135mm lens) i added on an extra hi-speed 16G SD card and swapped the flimsy tripod for a more stable one.

i got it from Foto Shangri-La and the sales person there gave me an impeccable deal.

Well. In my opinion, a good deal la.

Other shops were offering 4.5++ and NO 16G SD card and NO tripod even.
They even said that they weren't willing to swap the uber fugly red CANON bag for a cooler black one since it was free. Pfft.

The dude at FotoShangrila spent a whole friggin hour giving me the 101 of using a DSLR camera right there in the shop when i said i didnt know squat about apertures and iso and shutterspeeds. (Got la abit abit from college but i nicely gave back to lecturer already..heh.)

THAT's what you call good service. #SOLD

The other sales persons in the other rival cam shops just didnt make me feel "important" enough for me to fork out my hard earned mothurreffing 4k lor.

Either felt like they were too lansi. or too lacking in knowledge.

ANYWAY the main reason i have been wanting a camera like this was to experiment with videos.

To say that i am not a photo enthusiast would be a lil harsh but i guess i'm just not riding on the wave of still photography.
Mainly cuz its just too hard.
And i lazy to learn.

But I was, however, not lazy to put my vid shooting amateur skills to the test.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Feel free to comment.
Still learning and getting the hang of things.
But seriously having a ball of a time now.

So basically. all balls for me and my new cam.

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