Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Long absence from blogging again.


Just havent got the time to sit myself down and write on impulse cause everytime i stare at a blank document a million things flash tru my insides and i end up not ever knowing where to start.

okokok. will attempt to compose and enunciate:


I have finally set up a partnership with the (in)famously voluptuous Tsu Ann.

thats her nagging the helpless counter kakak not to waste our time
and get it done now or else.

i am indeed honoured and overwhelmed that this feisty young lady would agree to take this leap of faith with me.

details of our company will be proudly proclaimed soon!

It's something that we've always wanted to start and by taking the step away from our office jobs, we have directly thrown ourselves into the deep end of the sharkpool.

I pray we eventually develop anti-shark Adamantium claws.
Also, I hope she shows me her boobs soon.

With that came our 1st official job.
and with this, the pics do the talking.

its for a new 8TV show

we love 8TV

and we luv Henry Golding.

so whats not to be joyous and drunk about?


someone's celebrating early.


asma HazeLnut said...

dude..congrats and good luck on ur baby-company ya..

Ammar said...

leaving 8tv to start ur own company?COOL! congrats!

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