Saturday, February 19, 2011


Step aside Bieber, a new fever is in town.

The Oscars are currently inching closer and closer till you can almost smell Colin Firth winning Best Actor and Natalie Portman snagging Best Actress and Social Network grabbing Best Picture.

Been trying hard on watchin' em nominees before the show on the 27th (familiar date for a celebration, no? ;) ) so i can gloat and cheer and pull hair with all ye geeky hardcorers during the ceremony.

Black Swan was last night.
Made the girls squirm during the scenes when she started going cuckoo. (pun not intended)

Natalie Portman is so bloody skinny here.
Plays out to the character very well.

Watched The King's Speech 2 weeks ago. During CNY.
Yeah everyone was blasting their festivelybloodred dongdongchiang programs and there i was busy watching period movie drama about a stuttering anger-filled leader.
Rebel yo.

Colin Firth is amazing in this movie.

Next up:

The Kids are Alright.

127 Hours.

The Fighter.

Anyone got?

Social Network / Toy Story 3 / Inception was fortunately last year when they were on the big screen.

Am also trying to catch all the Best Animated Short Film Nominees

Already saw The Gruffalo which was damn cute and awesomely animated.
the textures and lightings were eyegasmic to behold.

Day & Night during Toy Story 3. Very refreshing way of execution.
had the opportunity to ask them about the process of making it sometime ago at the Pixar Toy Story3 Lecture Series last year.

Anyone got the rest?

•Day & Night
•The Gruffalo
•Let's Pollute
•The Lost Thing
•Madagascar, A Journey Diary

(i cut and paste from Nicholas' blog. hehe. xiexie nicho!)

Oh and btw. Oscar day (US time) also marks the day i was bestowed life onto this earth. so whip out all ye belated xmas presents / belated CNY angpows / belated valentinesday gifts / festive charity cheques and direct them to yours truly cuz u just love me too much to not do this.

Much much much appreciated!


tik said...

- Black Swan is incredible. *clap*
- Haven't watch The King's Speech, nice movie or nice actor only?
- I got 127 Hours, nice, think Franco did well especially when he *** his arm. :P
- Social Network is nice, but best picture? Really will meh?

Jaemy.C said...

social network probably wont win lor. but i hope it does. hehe. i enjoyed the whole movie that's why. the others can get draggy sometimes. Just saw The Kids are All Right... walau. quite draggy.

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