Friday, November 28, 2008


Addictive & assfriggin awesome...
TRUE BLOOD: season 2 pls FASTER get here.
DEXTER: season finale so close i can slobber all over it.
CALIFORNICATION: makes me wanna be a writer. for all the wrong reasons.

Dreadful & halfway down the drain...
HEROES: draggy subplots. Roll-eyes so much my sockets hurt.
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: running out of fresh ideas. Yawn.

On the fence...
FRINGE: 3d text galore. X-files wannabe.
PUSHING DAISIES: killer script but lacking on the addictive part.
CHUCK: Nice. Not excellent. But still fun to watch when predicting the plot twist. Can scream "it's coming! it's coming!" with housemate.

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